Meet Kayley


Hey there!


I’m so excited you’re here.

It’s my passion to share stories- ones that evoke joy, compassion, gratitude– but also of ones that push us to move. The kind of stories that empower us to create and partner with those making a difference in our communities.

Photography is a powerful medium to showcase the beauty within each of us and the world. Visually inspired stories stir a deeper emotion within us which is why my hope is that as you look through your wedding, engagement, or product gallery– you are watching your personal story unfold. It’s pretty awesome.

So that’s a little bit about my heart behind what I do :) Now a little about me! I currently call Athens, Ga my home and I love this little city to pieces. I married my best friend in May (a fellow entrepreneur himself! Check out his business Rekindle).

You’re pretty much guaranteed to see me around with either my camera or chapstick in hand (seriously, I think I’m addicted to Burts Bees). If we aren’t in Athens, we’re probably adventuring in our other favorite city- Asheville!

Bottom-line: I love people, I love stories, I love creating. Let’s craft your story together and show it off! Ready to begin?