Meet Kayley


Hey friend!

I’m so glad you’re here.

If you’ve explored my site a little, you probably know I LOVE images, ones that are timeless, earthy and emotive. My passion is bringing these images into a story, whether it’s of a wedding day or a business with a brand to share.

Another thing to know about my style…. Each and every session, wedding day, or branding session is a completely tailored experience. One of my favorite things about being a photographer is being creative with my clients and capturing exactly who they are together and individually. We’ll dream together about your vision and then bring it to life. (IT’S SO FUN!)

I’m currently based in Athens, GA with my sweet husband (who also owns a rockin candle company Rekindle- check em out!), but we love to travel and are up for any adventure. I consider myself a chapstick enthusiast (seriously, it’s rare to see me without some!) and a lover of stories.

If you think we’d be a good fit, reach out and let’s create a visual story together!


-Kayley Lorraine Mewbourne


Behind my Brand:

A lot of people ask about the meaning behind my logo and it’s one of my favorite things to share because I think it captures my entire heart behind visual storytelling. The old style serif type, paired with a fun, organic illustration, represents approachability and my multiple methods of storytelling– both visually and written.

The sun rays represent the light I bring to stores, brining light to unseen things. The dash marks are used as vision lines in drawings, pulling ing the method of storytelling through art. The circular elements in the mark loosely resemble a camera lens. pulling in the method of storytelling through visuals. The lines represent lines on paper, pulling in the method of storytelling through words.